What Sets Us Apart

The biggest challenge in the luxury custom home industry is how the construction team interprets the approved design.

A client can be in love with a plan and selections, only to be disappointed in the final outcome. Starr closes this gap!

What also sets Starr apart is our dedication to understanding our clients, and our personalised approach to the design and building process. We recognise issues that need to be addressed in order to get a project started and keep it progressing smoothly. We anticipate potential obstacles, ask the difficult questions so you don’t have to, and guide you through the entire design and building process, from start to finish.

Design + Build Advantages

  • Time Saving

  • Cost Containment

  • Single-Point Accountability

  • Communication


Early in the design process, we will go over your budgetary guidelines with you, and establish a price point that you are comfortable with. We will target your budget throughout the design process and give you options and feedback to keep you within budget as effectively as possible. If you are exceeding your budget, we’ll immediately discuss this with you, to help you to make informed design decisions accordingly.

To prepare for construction, we review and handle any difficult site conditions, site preparations, zoning variances and demolition of any existing structures (if applicable). Starr will always have a plan in place to deal with any of these conditions prior to construction, in order to save you time and money.

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